Client Testimonials

I have never received anything less than stellar performance from Almost Perfect Construction. The work has always been on time, on budget (unlike some other contractors I have used), done in a professional manner, and ALWAYS of the highest quality. In addition, the workmen have always been virtually invisible - I work at home, and I have never been distracted by the construction going on around me. After going through too many contractors who deliver less than they promise, Joe Zakes has now become my first-call guy.


Gregory Fleeman

Back in 1999 we hired a neighborhood company, Almost Perfect Construction, to build a covered porch for us. Because Joe Zakes was so easy to deal with, because his crew, his quality control, his adherence to our schedule and his follow-ups were so good, we continued to choose his company, Almost Perfect Construction, for various remodeling jobs after that.

Then, two years ago, Almost Perfect Construction took us from concept, plans and permits to a custom-built, three star rated Green Building cottage sweet enough for the Texas Solar Energy Society to promote as one of the nine 'coolest' houses of 2005. It's beautiful and we love it.

Imagine working with a contractor so diligent that your lasting impression is of how good he was at solving (instead of creating) problems. That's rare. That's our recollection of Joe Zakes and Almost Perfect Construction.

Louis & Pam Redden

I initially chose Almost Perfect Construction because I had heard so many stories about flaky, unreliable, and sometimes even dishonest contractors. The first one I had do an estimate on my house didn't call me back for about a month after coming over to do the estimate. So I went with Almost Perfect Construction because after coming over to look at my house, Joe Zakes got back to me within a couple of days with his estimate and was willing to discuss the plan for my house and get started in a very timely fashion.

After work started on my house, Joe called and checked in regularly with me to keep me informed of the progress on my house. He stayed pretty much on track with the schedule as he had initially told me it would be. It removed a lot of the stress knowing that the work was progressing and that I could trust Joe. There were so many things that had to be done to my house before I could move in, it was really nice to know it would get done and would get done well.

Since the work was completed a year and two months ago, I have been very satisfied with my house. Joe Zakes and his crew transformed my house into something much brighter and livable. During the course of the work on my house, one of the windows got broken and Joe fixed it at no cost. It's nice to know when you have that much work to be done on your house, you can trust your contractor to do it right and be honest with you about it.

Claire Closmann

APC's work for me was high quality. The workers were professional and reliable and the work was done in a timely manner. The staff are patient and easy to work with.

Kathleen Strong

I contacted Joe Zakes with Almost Perfect Construction about a year ago to do some construction repair to my house in Travis Heights. Joe is a neighbor, and I wanted to give him my business if he could and would take on the job. I wanted someone I knew and trusted. From the beginning all the way through to completion, Joe was very professional, courteous, patient and respectful of my needs. He came by my house at the appointed time (and was actually on time), analyzed my issues, and within a couple of days provided me with a bid. At first I thought it was a little high, but, I decided that it would be worth it to me to pay a little extra to get the job done right. The crew did outstanding work and cleaned up after themselves everyday. The job was completed on time and the outcome was exactly what I wanted. My house is a major investment and I take special care with all remodeling and repairs. I am sure I will be calling on Joe in the future and I have no hesitation to recommend him to my friends.

Terry Childress