Our Process

  1. The first step usually consists of a site visit so we can meet and I can take a look at your project. This is followed with a ballpark estimate.

  2. After the scope of the project and budget has been established, work begins on the final design, bid, contract, and construction schedule.

  3. After the contract is accepted, we acquire the necessary building permits and construction begins.

  4. Throughout the construction process, we strive to keep your job site clean, maintain communication, work with you on product selections, and anticipate and solve problems.

  5. At the completion of your job we walk through every square foot of your project to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

  6. Our service does not stop with the final check. We stand behind every thing we do. If anything needs attention, give us a call and we'll fix it. We also contact you at the end of the warranty period to make sure that everything is satisfactory.

"You run your business so professionally, and the quality of the work is excellent." - Ginny A.